Dissonant Memory

Flash drives, CD's, and countless other objects' purpose is to hold and eventually transfer information. I think it's pretty weird that it doesn't matter if the object is full or not, there isn't any visible difference in its appearance. In this series, I found things that hold information and I photographed them first without any information on them. Then I filled the object with something that was important to me, that felt like it was metaphorically (or in one case, literally) a part of me and photographed it again. Photography is usually a medium of proof, evidence. Because the photo is often just a fact, there doesn't need to be any dialogue, any relationship between the viewer and the photographer. These photos aren't facts. They aren't proof. For them to mean anything, you have to trust me when I tell you that in one photo there is nothing and in the next there is something. You have to believe me, because if I'm not telling the truth then you're just staring at random flash drives.