"Dancers" series chosen as grand prize pre-college winner in the PDNedu Student Photo Contest

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"Photographs" hung up in the Politics and Prose Coffee House. This show will be up from now until April 12th.

"Neck #1" featured in the Don't Take Pictures "Instamatic" exhibition 

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"Having been largely replaced by digital technology, film cameras retain a certain romantic quality. Instant film cameras in particular continue to be used by photographers who embrace the imperfect rendering of light and color, and who enjoy the intimate, immediate, one-of-a-kind print that is produced. The photographs in this exhibition were all made with instant films and show a diverse array of genres, subject matter and styles. Embracing the flaws inherent in their tools, many of these photographers have sought out replacements for their beloved vanishing films. Some have turned to modern versions like Impossible film, and others use the few expired packs that remain, generating an entirely new look and feel. Distorting reality without the aid of post-production, these photographs show the world as it is experienced, rather than as it is seen. "
-Don't Take Pictures Website




Photo Place Gallery in Vermont uses "Faces" to promote "Portraiture: Expression & Gesture" Show

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